Saddleback Laguna No. 672 Book Club


Receiving the degrees of Masonry is just the first step in any brother's Masonic journey.  As seekers of Light and Truth, and in the spirit of bettering ourselves as Freemasons, we are encouraged to continue our moral, intellectual, and spiritual growth through the reading of Masonic literature, as well as other non-Masonic literature that is aligned with Masonic teachings and values and has a clear nexus with Masonic formation.   

To facilitate this ongoing quest for knowledge, Saddleback Laguna Lodge No. 672 runs a Book Club that explores Freemasonry from many different angles.  Some of the readings will delve into the more speculative and esoteric topics of Freemasonry.  Other readings will explore the rich history of our ancient and honorable Fraternity. Still others will show us how to apply the teachings of our Craft to our everyday lives and conduct.  All readings will endeavor to make us better Masons.

There is no need to sign up for, or become a "member" of, the Book Club.  To participate, a brother may simply obtain a copy of the book or other reading material, and show up at the announced meeting having done the reading and being prepared to discuss it with an open mind and brotherly love.  In some instances, the number of participants may be limited depending on the venue, in which case an RSVP or event registration may be required.

While most of the readings will be restricted to Master Masons, we will on occasion cover material that is suitable for the Entered Apprentice and Fellowcraft Mason. (See the "Further Reading" section for more information on relevant and appropriate reading for these degrees.)

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3-5-7 Videos


In addition to our normal Education Nights, we host 3, 5, and 7 minute short discussions on topics relating to Masonry, Masonic Tradition as well as anything else pertaining to Masonic Education.  These are meant to be short informative pieces that have a wide breadth of knowledge that is put forth. Join us in broadening your perspective and horizons and it is our hope that you will enjoy all that is offered.

We meet weekly in Lake Forest, CA on Thursday evenings at 6PM for refreshments and meeting to follow. We invite anyone to come down and experience the Lodge on these nights and become further acquainted with Masonry.

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Masonic Education Nights


"The noblest tool of the Mason is his mind, but its value is measured by the use made of it." -- Bro. Manley P. Hall  

At Saddleback Laguna Lodge, we are dedicated to the belief that the Fraternity is a society of thinkers, and that all brothers in Freemasonry are seekers of Truth.  One of the many ways we try to assist our brothers in the exercise of the mind and the search for Truth is through our Masonic Education nights, an ongoing series of guest lectures exploring Masonic symbolism, history, and other aspects of our Craft.  In order to share this education with a broader audience, we have recorded many of these lectures, which you may view by clicking on one of the videos below.


Further Reading

Saddleback Laguna Lodge No. 672 believes in spreading the light and making as much infromation available as possible. That being said, Saddleback Laguna Lodge No. 672 do not endorse, condone or approve of any of the following readings and any conclusions, statements, explanations and the like are at the sole discretion of the author.

We prefer to see all sides of a discussion. It is important to see and hear how others relate to Masonry - everyones' opinion is important and valid. We might not agree with their viewpoint but we value that they were empowered to create their work.

Saddleback Laguna Lodge No. 672 in an accepting lodge entertaining all walks of life and cordially invites you to join us on Thursday evenings at 6:00PM for fellowship and a meal. If you want to visit our lodge or receive more information about Masonry please contact the Master of the Lodge at

Leadership Modules

Below are links to our several education modules. Our lodge uses these Powerpoint Presentations to educate and further develop our experiences as Masons. Please feel free to download and apply these to your own lodge experience.