A Lodge relies on its Brothers to accomplish certain event and support-related activities. Listed below are the Brothers who sit on the various committees. The Lodge thanks them for their time and effort.

Charity: Tom Gruenbeck, John Grace and Michael Ballou

Member Retention: John Fraser, Joe Stout, Roger English

Audit: Gary Silverman, David Hansch, Roger English

Education: Michael Ballou, Tom Gruenbeck, Jack Hennings

Public Schools: Joe Stout, Jason Petz, Ken Edwards

Technology and Communication: Kenneth Bennett, Tyler Beckert, John Grace, Michael Ballou, Diego Sanmiquel

Trestleboard: Tyler Beckert, John Werfelmann

Support and Sickness: David Hansch, Tom Gruenbeck, Gary Peterson, Joe Stout

Hiram Award: Gary Peterson, Erik Borg, Tom Gruenbeck, Jack C. Hennings, Jr., Max Harris

Temple Board: (Elected) Jack Hennings, Gary Peterson, Ron Channels, Michael May; (Ex Officio) John Grace, Tom Gruenbeck

Investment: David Hansch, Roger English, John Werfelmann, Jason Petz


Living Past Masters

Donald G. Mc Myne: 1976

Leonard L. Todd, Sr.: 1981

George H. Claude: 1985

Lyle J. Robertson: 1987

Frederick H. Baribeault: 1991 and 2000

Ronald G. Shores: 1993 and 1997

Robert Nick: 1994

George W. Morton: 1995

Steven J. Frogue: 1996

James T. Brown: 1998 and 1999

Joseph H. Stout III: 2001

Gary L. Peterson: 2002

Scott E. Preston: 2003

Tuoc Kim Pham: 2004

Joe J. Suarez: 2005

Wil Garcia: 2006

Erich Kreidler: 2007 and 2008

Jerad M. Schulte: 2009

Steven M. Bass: 2010

Gary Silverman: 2011

Eric Hanan: 2012

Peter Lofthouse: 2013

Jack C. Hennings, Jr.: 2014

Russell E. Hennings: 2015

Jason Petz: 2016

Kenneth Bennett: 2017

Tom Gruenbeck: 2018