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Greetings from the South!

Updated: Jun 23, 2021


Greetings from the South! I would like to first start out by saying how deeply honored I am to have the confidence of the amazing brethren from Saddleback Laguna 672, to be elected as the 2021 Junior Warden. As such, I assure you that I will do everything in my power, as Junior Warden, to assist Worshipful Ballou in making his year as impactful and meaningful as possible.

As we recently finished final month of a memorable and historic year, I have found myself looking back and reflecting. I enjoy finding patterns or themes within events. I believe that these patterns or themes are the Great Architect of the Universe speaking to us and keeping us aware of his ever-present omnipotence.

What I have seen, is a theme of growth in the face of resistance, and change building on top of the mighty shoulders of tradition. The leadership of Saddleback Laguna 672, and masonry in general, did not sit back and allow circumstance to dictate our path. It is easy to become accustomed to the status quo, and even to forget the depth and drive of the hearts and minds of the brothers around you. This of course happens because when one is a part of such a well oiled and functioning machine, there is rarely a call to see the collective muscle of the group be called into action. We have all been fortunate enough to see that our group is not only alive and well but has reserves and stamina to get us through any turn of events. It has been shown that we are indeed in good hands, we are secure beyond what we could ever know.


Being in a pandemic, it would have been easy to shut down and just wait for it to blow over, however Saddleback Laguna has continued to virtually meet and keep masonry in the hearts and minds of its brethren. In December alone we were able to have our stated meeting where we conducted the business of the lodge and bid farewell to our beloved Worshipful John Grace. We were also able to have a unique and rousing Hiram Award Ceremony for our Worshipful Inspector Russ Hennings. This event has opened our eyes and hearts to many new possibilities. Due to the nature of it being online, we were all able to hear from family, friends and brethren who would have normally not been able to attend. I believe that impact is lasting and will further burn the significance of the award into the hearts and minds of those in attendance, as well as for Worshipful Russ himself. It is my hope that in the upcoming months, when we can return to Masonry as we knew it before, we will incorporate the best of both worlds, virtual and traditional. For example, our annual installation of officers was virtual and went off without a hitch. We have made large strides in way of a virtual presence. In years past having a single camera film the entire lodge was the norm. Moving forward I can foresee having tablets or the like at each officer’s respective station and having a zoom and live event going simultaneously for the ultimate experience.


Ultimately, I hope that everyone reading this can echo my sentiment of hope and excitement for the future. I know that we still are not sure when things will be “back to normal”, but with what our lodge has shown to be capable of over the last year I am beyond thrilled for the future. Whether virtual or in person, I am excited to be a part of continuing and growing the traditions of Saddleback Laguna 672.

With Love and Hope for the future,

Bro. Michael May

Junior Warden

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