• Saddleback Laguna

Helping our Sweethearts


As the 2021 Junior Warden for the lodge, one of my responsibilities is to coordinate the Sweetheart’s Luncheon for our widows. Since we are currently in a pandemic, it required me to pivot from our normal function. 2021 was to be the year of food delivery and a barber shop quartet serenading our sweethearts. For this to occur, we needed to be assured that our widows would be home at the scheduled date and time. During our check in, it came to light that one of our widows, Rita, was in dire need of help from the brethren.

Rita is a proud 87-year-old who had been living without heat for 3 years. A good Samaritan attempted to help her 3 years prior but installed an indoor style heater vs the needed outdoor style for her manufactured home. This good deed was the basis of her insurance company denying the claim on it being fixed and further causing her to live below allowable means.

After she shared this information with me, I reached out to Worshipful Michael and the rest of the executive committee. We were all in agreement that we had to help Rita. After meeting, it was apparent that we needed a plan and the good will and generosity of the brethren.

I next reached out to Eric Tash with Coastline AC. He dropped everything that he was doing and went to her home straight away. He confirmed what Rita had told us, she needed an entirely different unit only available in Texas with a hefty 3,000-dollar price tag. Without hesitation or any way of knowing how he would be paid; he ordered the part saying that we cannot let her live this way any longer.